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Dog-friendly holidays

Sir Johns Hill Farm is a great place for dogs and happy dogs make for happy owners!

There is no restriction on the number, size or type of dog, and we are very happy to welcome exempted dogs to the farm. We only accept guests who are bringing dogs with them! Every dog that comes to stay in the cottage has a present of Burns treats, Burns Sensitive treats for most dogs, and Training treats which are smaller for small dogs (no matter how many dogs you bring, they all get one each).

There are lots of places for dogs to play around the Farm and sometimes other dogs for them to play with too. The dogs that live permanently at the Farm are very friendly and if you leave the gate to the courtyard open and then the door to the cottage open too you may find that you have uninvited guests sharing the settee with you!

We enjoy having friendly dogs staying here at the Farm, because it is nice for all the dogs to play out together. However, we do understand that not all dogs are friendly and sociable, and as we have so many rescued dogs staying at the farm who may even be nervous of other dogs, we just ask that you let us know if this is the case and we will make sure that the resident dogs do not cause a nuisance.

The Stables Cottage has been designed with dogs in mind.    There is a hosepipe outside the cottage for washing off dirty dogs, and also a hosepipe in the garden.  There is also a 9 kg washing machine and 8 kg tumble drier for washing and drying dirty dog towels (and dirty clothes after those muddy walks).  There are various sized metal dog bowls in the cupboard under the sink.

There are some great walks around Laugharne, especially the walk that runs around the lower part of Sir Johns Hill Farm.  There are also pubs that dogs can go in and there are even beaches that dogs can go on during the summer!

For those with very active dogs you are very welcome to use the plastic jump wings and poles in the arena and practice a bit of dog agility!

There are four horses and three ponies that live permanently at the farm and which will be grazing in the fields and paddocks, but there are always empty paddocks for the dogs to play in.

There are no sheep in the fields surrounding the farm, but there are cattle in fields adjacent to the Farm, and Dylan’s birthday walk, which is a circular walk starting and ending by Laugharne castle, passes through those fields.